Ballet 2

Ages 8 and up, or with teacher recommendation

Students will build on their previous dance training and work towards more challenging movements by continuing their work at the barre, in the center, and traveling across the floor. Focus on developing core strength and flexibility, proper bodily alignment, consistent turnout of the legs from the hip, and the beginnings of petit allegro and turns will offer fun challenges in this course.



Classes begin 11, September 2021




Carrington Lorenz


Ballet 2:
Girls should wear a lavender leotard(camisole or tank), pink footed tights, and pink ballet slippers and a neat bun. Boys must wear black dance pants or black tights, a white t-shirt, and black ballet shoes. For boys, long hair must be neatly tied back off of the face and neck.

See our information about where to buy attire on our main classes page.

Ballet Wolcott is following state guidelines and Governor Scott's mandate for COVID-19. Please read our "News" page for details.