Each spring Ballet Wolcott Youth Company and the students of Ballet Wolcott produce a story ballet complete with lighting, scenery, costumes, and props. This requires commitment from Ballet Wolcott families and students.

Rehearsals are times scheduled for practice and preparation for performance. Class is time to practice technique and develop strength to execute movement vocabulary properly. Some of class time will be used to learn choreography for a performance; but, extra rehearsals will always be necessary. Dancers begin rehearsing many weeks in advance of the show. When we perform dance-stories or ballets, several classes may work as a team to present a quality performance to our community.

Bright lights, a new sound system, and the stage itself can be overwhelming to a young student. Allowing them to work in the space beforehand will help them to become comfortable in the space and allow them to do their best when show time comes.
Rehearsals outside of class time will be limited for our youngest students so that participants are not overwhelmed. Please make an extra effort to save rehearsal times as soon as you are notified of them. Ballet Wolcott chooses to work this way so that our students have the opportunity to fully enjoy the process of creating and preparing a performance they can be proud of.

All rehearsal schedules will be e-mailed to parents, posted on the website and bulletin board, and available in print on the tables at the studio.

Regular attendance to class is extremely important for Pre-Ballet during March, April, and May as students finish learning dances for the Spring Performance.

Students in Ballet 1, 2, 3 & 4, and Advanced must attend all rehearsals. If a student is unable to be present when scheduled, he or she may lose their role or the opportunity to perform.  

Students in Ballet 3 & 4, and Advanced must attend classes September through June in order to dance in the Spring Performance.

 All students must pay a performance fee by March 1st, in order to perform in the show.  Additional costume related items may also need to be purchased by the families (leotards, tights, t-shirts, dance shoes, skirts, etc.).  We will let families know what is needed.

Some roles in Ballet Wolcott productions may be auditioned. Others may be assigned by the director/choreographer. Please, understand that there are many components which are carefully considered when assigning roles: technical ability, a student’s natural movement inclinations, stage presence, class attendance, negative/positive attitude, willingness to work hard, ability to attend rehearsals, classroom behavior, and more.

Parents and students are expected to respect the judgment of the Director/Choreographer and give their best to the role they are given as well as be supportive of their fellow dancers. We cannot guarantee any specific part to any specific person.

Characters will be separated into Primary and Secondary Roles.  Students who are playing Primary Roles will be required to perform in both shows of the Spring Performance.  Primary Roles will not be double cast.  If you are cast in a Primary Role and know that you will be unable to perform at both shows, please, contact your instructor immediately.

Your child has the freedom to decline a role; however, we may not have another alternate role to offer.

Students in Advanced have the opportunity to audition for roles. They will audition on a specific day outside of class time.

Students in Pre-Ballet, Ballet 1, and Ballet 2 will be involved in a “class dance,” which they will learn during their class time.

No child will be forced into performing. Please, make it clear to your instructor or the director that your child will not be performing in the show as early as possible. Otherwise, Ballet Wolcott will expect the performance fee to be paid in full by March 1st.